So basically today I was at work reorganising the packaging for all the sheeting we have on our display beds. Each bed has it’s own box. There are five beds. All the packaging was in the wrong box.

And basically there was a running verbal commentary going on as I figured out which item went in which box. It was me on my lonesome talking to myself non-stop for a good half hour and all the staff seemed to think I was raving mad. It was everyone walking by seeing this girl surrounded by empty boxes and empty packaging talking to herself, talking to the boxes.

Raving mad.

I probably am.

It’s actually impossible to take a photo of my cat. She. Won’t. Stop. Moving. Oh. My God.

The moment you come within five feet of her, BAM!!! she’s bolting across the room and out the door as though you’re going to pin her down, flay her and slice her up for shish kebab.

You don’t even need to be approaching her with the intention of taking a photograph. All you need to do is casually walk past her and BAM!!! she’s gone. Fleeing for her life.


Someone come hiking with me.