Driving to yoga and my car tyre blew and my car was smoking and skidding and the hubcap went pop and now I have to sit and wait as my handbag is driven to me and I can organise to be rescued by RACV.

Obviously some higher power doesn’t want me to make it to yoga as this was my first class in a whole week and, not happening, Jan!

So basically if I ever by The Republic of Thieves, it will never match the editions I have of The Lies of Locke Lamora and Red Seas Under Red Skies as they stopped making those editions/covers. I cannot handle this, I NEED MY BOOKS TO MATCH. WHY YOU DO THIS TO ME?!

It’s so cold, the wind and rain and hail, such hail and lightening and thunder and windraingehhhhhhh…!

" We must resist. We must refuse
to disappear. "